EverGlass company was established in 2012. It is a manufacturer of innovate protective coatings based on ceramic. EverGlass protective mixtures were developed by specialists – chemists with huge work experience in the field in nanotechnology.


Researching stages of evolution for market of protective coatings, you can see a process of consumer’s growing requirements to products of different manufacturers. For that very reason EverGlass specialists constantly perfect the formula of our mixtures, providing us leadership among other competitors.


The company actively develop network of partners, dealers and authorized coating application centers all around the world. Our main advantages are fair marketing policy, free seminars and trainings, adequate prices.


Being professionals in the sphere of detailing, we had been using different nanoceramic protective coatings, and particularly this experience allowed us to create a product that meets all requirements and standards for quality. EverGlass company started making protective coatings for metal, fabrics, car’s varnishes, aluminum, glass and leather surfaces.


No need to acquire a franchise to start business with EverGlass;

Certification for application centers, stores, showrooms;

Regular updates and improvements for current product line;

No required minimum cost to start business;

Technical support and consultation for clients at any time;

Active shipment of goods, any payment types.